Movement Assessment - (Neural Kinetic Therapy)

Movement Assessment - (Neural Kinetic Therapy)

Movement Assessment - (Neural Kinetic Therapy) services offered in Portland, OR

Discover the revolutionary Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) developed by renowned biomechanics expert David Weinstock over the past three decades. This cutting-edge technique is rapidly gaining international acclaim among the sports medicine industry to challenge the stale and outdated ways we evaluate our patients

How to properly assess the underlying cause of your chronic pain

Neurokinetic Therapy combines a specialized muscle testing system with deep understandings of functional movement patterns to uncover valuable insights into how the brain recruits and coordinates muscles for movement. By identifying dysfunctional movement patterns, we can address issues stemming from trauma, injury, overuse, repetitive strains, and poor postural habits.

Dysfunctional patterns often lead to the adoption of less efficient compensatory movements, resulting in overactive and underactive muscles. This imbalance can manifest as pain, not necessarily localized to the original problem area. For instance, an ankle sprain may trigger compensation patterns to avoid pain, eventually leading to pain in the opposite hip as the brain adapts to the new movement patterns.
At Open Wellness, we recognize that addressing pain patterns at its source is crucial for long-term relief.

Neurokinetic Therapy's unique approach allows us to pinpoint and dissect the deeper root issues in dysfunctional patterns at the body's motor control center – the brain. With more accurate diagnostic system, we spend less time just covering up symptoms and get into what is really going on. 

Don't settle for temporary relief; let us help you break free from pain cycles. Contact Dr Chang today to schedule your Neurokinetic Therapy session and take the first step towards a pain-free, active life. Your journey to improved movement and performance starts here.