Relief for low back pain through Prolotherapy: 

Jan 05, 2024

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Yes, there are non-surgical options to relieve lower back pain!

Relief for low back pain through Prolotherapy: 

Yes, there are non-surgical options to relieve lower back pain!


Do you deal with low back pain? Low back pain can be debilitating and make it difficult to drive, sit and even function at work. Everyday activities such as running, hiking, or playing sports may turn into a distant memory. Low back pain may keep us from being active and socializing, leading to feelings of isolation and boredom. Up to 84% of adults experience low back pain, it is the largest contributor to lost workdays in the US.1


What is going on in the body when you experience low back pain? 


Over 85% of low back pain is mechanical in nature and the issue is multi-faceted.2 

Soft tissue that holds the spine and discs together may start to degenerate through wear and tear or as a result of the natural aging process.2 Over time, the discs and connective tissues become less pliable and struggle to withstand normal pressure. If the pressure becomes too high, fluid from the disc center can leak through the damaged tissue. When this happens, it can lead to impingement on local nerves, causing more pain and discomfort.2 


How can you find relief? 


Patients may delay coming in for treatment because they are worried they will be told they should have surgery. Surgery isn’t the only option! There are a number of strategies we can utilize to address lower back pain, many of which are less invasive. 


One of the most effective, non-invasive forms of treatment is a form of regenerative medicine called Prolotherapy. 


What is Prolotherapy?


Prolotherapy is an injection technique designed to stimulate tissue healing. We inject an irritant into the site of injury that triggers a healing response in the body. This kick starts the tissue regeneration process, which is a way to nudge the body in the right direction. 


One of the best aspects of Prolotherapy is that it is versatile and able to treat a variety of conditions at many different phases of healing. Prolotherapy can be used shortly after the injury occurs, or used for pain that has been chronic for many years. Our body carries the incredible capacity to heal damaged tissue and Prolotherapy is the signal that ignites that process. 


Is Prolotherapy safe?


Prolotherapy is minimally invasive and therefore comes with less serious risks than surgery. Common side effects include minute soreness and some mild bruising, akin to most other types of injections. Your doctor will be careful to avoid hitting major blood vessels, nerves and organs and the process takes around 15 minutes. This procedure is performed in the office and you can return home to your normal routine following the procedure, with some expectations of mild soreness.


Does it actually work? Hear from my patients:


Meet Sarah


Sarah is 67 years old and was living with low back pain after taking a fall. When she came to see me it had been 3 months since the injury and she was still experiencing a lot of pain. She described the pain as 7 out of 10 (1 being slight, 10 being excruciating) on most days and tasks in her daily life became difficult.  


When I first met her, she was unable to sit for any period of time without pain shooting to her hip. During our first appointment she was pacing back and forth in my office, unable to sit and unable to stand up straight. She had a European excursion planned within 3 months of the appointment and expressed concern that she would have to cancel this trip if she could not find relief.  


After completing an assessment and determining that Prolotherapy was right for Sarah, I completed a series of 3 Prolotherapy injection sessions. After these 3 sessions, Sarah noticed significant improvement. Her pain went from a 7 to a 2. She was able to sit for 2 hours at a time, and able to stand up straight with minimal discomfort. With the additional support of supplements and acupuncture, Sarah began to notice positive changes in her overall health. She was able to complete her trip and walk the cobblestoned streets of Europe with little to no discomfort. 


Meet Rebecca


Rebecca is 65 years old and has been experiencing low back pain for over 15 years. She was prescribed multiple opioids for pain management as well as muscle relaxers but still experienced excruciating pain. She described being unable to walk more than two blocks before having to rest. She also stated that the pain interrupted her sleep and she was often waking three to four times per night due to discomfort.  


After a series of 6 Prolotherapy injections, her pain was reduced from a 6 out of 10 to a 1 out of 10. She also reported being able to walk up to a mile before stiffness began to bother her. She was able to sleep much better and rarely woke to any symptoms of pain throughout the night. As pain can affect all aspects of your life and health, taking control of the discomfort was liberating for Rebecca and allowed her to maintain her independence.


Yes it works!


If you have been dealing with low back pain and want to find relief, book an appointment with Dr. David Chang to see if Prolotherapy will be a good fit. We will do a comprehensive intake and form an individualized treatment plan that is the right fit for you. 




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