Virtual Visits Cost

Cost of Educational Consults at Naturopathic Gastro

Scheduling a virtual visit

Dr. Gurevich is licensed as a naturopathic physician in Washington, Oregon and California.  She treats patients in all of those states.  Dr. Gurevich is only able to accept insurance in the state of Oregon.  All other visits are billed under the virtual visit fee schedule. 

Virtual visit cost and options

Dr. Gurevich schedule’s virtual consults for 60 minutes for the initial consult and 30 min for follow up visits (unless there is a lot of complexity and then we can schedule 60 minute follow up visits).

The cost of the initial visit is $400 for an hour and follow-up visits are $200 for 30 minutes.

Dr. Gurevich also understands that this is a financial hardship for a lot of patients who are in need of care. Because of this, she employs two resident physicians whom she trains over the course of a 2 year period. If you choose to schedule with a resident physician they will be your contact person. They will perform the intake and visits and then review your case with Dr. Gurevich and the rest of the team. Together we will all come up with ways to move forward and educate you in your different options for healing.

Dr. Alaina Goesling is our 2nd-year residents. The cost to see her is $175 per hour and $90 for 30 minutes follow up visits.

If you are interested in scheduling please call the office.