Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine services offered in Portland, OR

Naturopathic medicine harnesses your body’s natural ability to maximize its healing capacity, without resorting to addictive medications and therapies that only mask your symptoms. David Chang, ND, LAC, of Open Wellness PDX, in Portland, Oregon, integrates naturopathic medicine into his practice to provide the most well-rounded, comprehensive care possible. To learn more, call David Chang, ND, LAC, or schedule an appointment online.

Naturopathic Medicine Q&A

What is naturopathic medicine?

Naturopathic medicine combines holistic care and integrative philosophies, as well as advanced medical technology, to diagnose and treat certain illnesses. This means Dr. Chang’s goal is to determine and treat the source of your illness, not just the symptoms. 


While naturopathic doctors often integrate modern pharmaceuticals into your treatment, naturopathic medicine focuses on nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes to provide whole-body care that improves your overall health.

How does naturopathic medicine work?

Dr. Chang starts his assessment by evaluating your medical history, stress levels, lifestyle habits, nutrition, and level of fitness. He may also order lab testing for further insight into your health. This comprehensive evaluation helps Dr. Chang understand what might be causing your ailment.


It’s important to discuss your health and fitness goals with Dr. Chang before he evaluates your health and formulates the right treatment plan for you. In many cases, athletes turn to naturopathic medicine to improve their form and help them reach their full fitness potential. If this is the case, he performs a functional movement evaluation.

What is a functional movement screening?

A functional movement screening (FMS) analyzes certain movement patterns in patients with no injuries or musculoskeletal complaints. The screening is designed to evaluate areas in your movement that could improve, not to diagnose orthopedic conditions.


The FMS includes seven movement patterns that can help Dr. Chang determine where you might be making compensatory movements to make up for stability or mobility problems. If you utilize compensatory patterns to accomplish any of the seven movements, Dr. Chang can create a plan that helps lower your risk of injury and improve physical performance.

What does a naturopathic medicine plan include?

Once Dr. Chang assesses your condition and performs an FMS, he can create an individualized plan to improve your overall health and physical performance. This screening helps identify certain areas where you might be weak or imbalanced. 


With Dr. Chang’s recommendations, you can move more functionally in the workplace, at the gym, and in your day-to-day life. This type of evaluation and screening is especially helpful for preventing and repairing injuries in high-performance athletes. 


After your health assessment and FMS, Dr. Chang can provide one or more of the following naturopathic medicine treatments.


  • Nutritional counseling
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements
  • Physical therapy
  • IV therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise
  • Prevention education
  • Environmental and lifestyle changes 


With Dr. Chang’s help, you can harness your body’s natural healing abilities and lead a healthy, active lifestyle free of pain. For more information, call David Chang, ND, LAC, or book an appointment online.